To register for the next CIIC unconference, you will need to:

  1. Use the form below to submit a synopsis of your domain specific insights and know how that may assist others in tackling problems in their organisation or discipline, and optionally a short problem statement on a topic that you are passionate about, and would like to see tackled by the CIIC community.
  2. Following acceptance of your submission, buy a ticket to pay the attendance fees of $250 per participant ($125 for self-employed individuals, $75 for repeated CIIC attendance). The event is free (no ticket required) for all academic staff and students.

All submitted problem statements and submitted statements of domain specific expertise will be shared with other CIIC participants. This process enables participants to identify and prioritise their preferences for the formation of problem focused working groups, and it maximises the time available for productive discussion and OpenSpace collaboration during the conference event. All proper submissions will be accepted. Only spam will be rejected.

Submission of participation details:

(*) Publication of name, organisation, submitted problem statements, and submitted statements of domain specific expertise on this page on the CIIC Web site. Email details will not be published.

Important dates

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