With each CIIC unconference, further wicked problems submitted by participants are added to the list:

Submissions – 2018

How can New Zealand agriculture move from unbranded commodity food production to high value products that meet consumers requirements for high quality ethical food products.
– Nic Lees

How do we improve electrical efficiencies in aquaponics systems?
– Ira Munn

The opportunities and limitations of vertical farming and lab based agriculture.
– Jorn Bettin

A co-ordinated community response to the Guava Moth. Addressing the damage done by the Guava Moth, which is devastating feijoa and other crops.
– Di Hibbert

The role of nutrition and urban agriculture on human physical and mental health.
– Jorn Bettin

Problems submitted in 2017

Problems submitted in 2016

Problems submitted in 2015

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