The list of participants who have agreed to publicise their submissions:

  1. George Arnold
  2. Jorn Bettin, Managing Partner, S23M Australia
  3. Balazs Borbely de Roff, Auckland University of Technology
  4. Randall Britten
  5. Barry Coates, University of Auckland Business School
  6. Dana Cumin, University of Auckland
  7. Keith Duddy, Senior Advisor, S23M Australia
  8. Janett Egber, Founder, Egber Group
  9. Dr Karen Day, Postgraduate Director for Health Informatics, University of Auckland
  10. Peter de Vocht, Vocht Industries
  11. Alan SW Huang, Allen SW Huang Limited
  12. Prof. Nik Kasabov, Auckland University of Technology
  13. Felicity Lawrence, Think.Design.Transform
  14. Julien Leyre, Founder, Marco Polo Project
  15. Ivan Li
  16. Dr Susan Long, Director of Research and Scholarship, National Institute of Organisational Dynamics Australia
  17. Marg Lovell
  18. Mark Malpass, self-employed
  19. Debbie Marks, Director, The Edge Coaching & Training
  20. Prof. Stephen Marsland, School of Engineering & Advanced Technology, Massey University and Te Punaha Matatini
  21. Dr Joanne Mihelcic, Researcher, RMIT
  22. Alan Miles, Owner, Amba Limited
  23. Ira Munn, Ierospace Industries International Limited
  24. Amy J. Newkirk, Auckland District Health Board
  25. Dr Tava Olsen, Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management, University of Auckland
  26. Helen Palmer, Founder, Questo
  27. Balint Petro, KEDRI, Auckland University of Technology
  28. Steffen Schaefer
  29. Annette Sharp, Auckland University of Technology
  30. Andrew Shewring, Managing Partner, S23M New Zealand
  31. Hamid Soltani, Senior Advisor, S23M Australia
  32. Brian Stocking, Associate Director, Centre of Supply Chain Management, University of Auckland
  33. Paul Szymkowiak, Co-Syne
  34. Ruben van der Lee, Partner, S23M New Zealand
  35. Seyedjamal Zolhavarieh, Auckland University of Technology

Submitted problem statements
Submitted statements of expertise

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