A series of regular quarterly unconferences.

An unconference, also called Open Space conference, is a participant-driven meeting.

CIIC unconferences run from 9am to 5pm.

To enable productive working groups to continue their work as needed to reach desired results, the venue remains available until 10pm.

The events are facilitated by S23M, using a proven set of techniques for creating productive working groups and achieving actionable results with up to more than 1,000 people.

OpenSpace works best when the work to be done is complex, the people and ideas involved are diverse, the passion for resolution (and potential for conflict) are high, and the time to get it done was yesterday. It’s been called passion bounded by responsibility, the energy of a good coffee break, intentional self-organisation, spirit at work, chaos and creativity, evolution in organisation, and a simple, powerful way to get people and organisations moving — when and where it’s needed most.

As is customary during Open Space conferences, attendees may choose to participate in one or in multiple working groups during the event. Usually a significant number of attendees remains focused on one working group, whilst a smaller number of attendees chooses to divide their time between multiple working groups.

Public Keynote and Networking

7 pm to 8:30 pm, open to anyone curious about CIIC

CIIC-related keynote and networking, usually in the month before the unconference


Open Space workshop on a Saturday, including morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea

9 am to 10 am

Short introduction and formation of self-selected working groups on the specific topics suggested by registered participants

10 am to 4 pm

Collaboration and discussion in working groups

4 pm to 5 pm

Short presentations of working group results

5 pm to 10 pm

Optional continuation of working groups

The conference organisers request each working group leader to make their results available in a format suitable for sharing with the other conference event participants.

As needed the organisers coordinate the collection of results in the week following the conference, and assist with the compilation of a synopsis from each working group that can be shared with participants on this Web site.

The quarterly schedule of CIIC unconferences gives working groups regular opportunities for intensive collaboration, knowledge sharing, joint data analysis, problem solving, and solution prototyping.


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