As registrations are received, further submitted statements of expertise will be added to the current list:

My background is in international business strategy and economic development, with over 10 years of strategy and management consulting experience and 10 years of sector development work at NZTE.  I am particularly interested in innovation in the health sector.
– George Arnold

I use my background in mathematics and conceptual modelling to streamline product line management, and to design maintainable product line architectures that are fit for purpose. My expertise includes value cycle engineering, lean and agile techniques, and creating bridges of understanding between disciplines and organisational silos. I collaborate with subject matter experts to uncover, validate, and activate deep domain knowledge. My work to date covers the following industries and sectors: logistics, industrial automation, healthcare, insurance, banking, legal and accounting, telecommunications, electricity, and government.
– Jorn Bettin

I have over 20 years experience focussing on software development, 13 years of which is related to health technology (5 years leading medical device agile software development, 8 years leading biomedical research software development). I also have a strong applied mathematics background and an interest in combining these strengths.
– Randall Britten

Experience in certification systems for supply chains on fair trade and environmental issues (eg. Fairtrade, FSC, MSC); collaborative initiatives on labour rights in supply chains (eg. Ethical Trading Initiative); and value chains (eg. using sustainable supply chains in securing brand advantage in food exports).
– Barry Coates

I am a health informatician, a registered nurse, midwife and public health nurse with a PhD in health informatics. I recently hosted a hackathon in which people developed technology solutions to the problem of self-care for long term health issues. My research has covered topics such as evaluations of health IT innovations such as ereferrals, etherapy for depression, predicting and prevention avoidable hospital admissions for high risk patients, telehealth, and change management, project management.
– Dr Karen Day

Semantic search and find, artificial intelligence, software engineering.
– Peter de Vocht

I totally agree that most entrepreneurial activity is non-paradigm shifting and it would be wonderful to work with others who are truly tackling whole of system issues. Having worked at an executive level in both the public and private sector I am dedicated to building leadership capability to work across boundaries to solve whole system problems. I am skilled in systems thinking and design for sustainable outcomes. I have 25+ years in using and developing models and practices that draw from organisation development, culture building, leadership development and strategy development and execution. In the past few years I have begun integrating customer centric design into my practice. I have just left the role Deputy Director General for Science and Capability in the Dept of Conservation.
– Felicity Lawrence

I apply agile thinking to create safety essential, embedded hardware and software systems in in-home medical devices. I also facilitate, scrum master and coach product development teams to use agile techniques. Recently, I have started discovering and learning about New Zealand’s progress towards a green economy and clean technology.
– Ivan Li

I have operated across a wide range of industry sectors and my experience includes: Strategic – diagnosis and resetting of strategic vision across a range of industries. P&L – identifying opportunities and driving earnings in challenging markets. Leadership – skilled at rejuvenating organisations, engaging and developing leaders. M&A – initiating and executing large scale change, negotiating successful outcomes. Global experience – operating in complex environments (USA, Japan, SEA, ANZ, PI). Marketing – developing of sales and marketing vision, value propositions and tools. Operational excellence – process safety, supply chain, distribution and manufacturing. Governance – stakeholder management; financial, legal and governance frameworks.
– Mark Malpass

Domain expertise: Applied mathematics, particularly data analytics/machine learning and shape analysis, and complexity science. I have applied my fundamental research in these areas to areas such as medical image analysis, birdsong recognition, pollen recognition, and smart homes for the elderly.
– Stephen Marsland

I have over 40 years’ experience in IT-related research and development, but am by no means a dinosaur!  I have developed three operating systems and a communications protocol much like internet protocol (late 1970’s), have created complex distributed monitoring and control systems for industry, including elements of artificial intelligence (mid 1980’s), an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) product that a number of businesses have used exclusively for more than 20 years (yes, I did all the design and wrote all the code), and I have generally solved a wide range of both physical and IT problems in a wide range of industries and situations.  I am currently working with partners to bring a highly innovative start-up business to a successful commencement.  I like to bring an outside-the-box point of view to problems, hopefully based on some real experience in IT and business in general.
– Alan Miles

I have a quantitative and analytical background in software product development, mathematics and formal modelling. As part of my work I facilitate collaboration between business stakeholders and technical experts, and have developed software-intensive products and services in the following sectors and domains: healthcare, industrial automation, manufacturing, construction, digital services, analytics, numerical optimisation, financial products, telecommunications and tertiary education. My technical expertise includes full-stack web development (with JVM languages on the server) and system integration.
– Andrew Shewring

 I have domain expertise in the areas of health informatics, clinical decision support systems, quality assessment, knowledge management, and semantic Web. As a PhD student, I am working on using Semantic Web technology in Clinical Decision Support Systems to support quality of knowledge used for decision making. I have a multidisciplinary background (master of knowledge management from MMU, Malaysia,  and a bachelor of computer software engineering). I became interested in working on Semantic Web technology during my master when I understood how the Semantic Web can be useful in knowledge management as a machine understandable mechanism. It is very interesting that this technology is able to support semantic interoperability which is necessary for health IT systems. Hence, I am trying to apply Semantic Web in CDSS to conduct my PhD.
– Seyedjamal Zolhavarieh

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