1. Industry participants gain first-hand insights into the work of academic researchers coming from a broad range of different and complementary disciplines.

  2. Direct access to domain experts who are conducting research and development activities within academia or within industry. By encouraging participants from the primary industries and the healthcare sector, and by not focusing exclusively on technology companies, the conference provides a context that allows technology developers to meet with researchers and with prospective users of innovative technologies.

  3. Collaborative development of open source models that provide a skeleton for solution integration across organisational boundaries.

  4. Concrete opportunities for innovation, as needed in partnership between multiple organisations.
    • Researchers may get impulses for collaboration with peers in other domains and with industry practitioners.
    • Technology developers may get inspired by the latest academic research, and they can directly bounce their ideas off potential clients.
    • Organisations in the primary industries and in the healthcare sector may articulate their current needs, and validate their thoughts with researchers and technology developers.

Results to date

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