CIIC-off Melbourne

The “CIIC-off” event in Melbourne last night at the Knowledge Management Leadership Forum at RMIT was very enjoyable.


The themes of neurodiversity and creativity (slides – including an appendix with pointers to neurodivergent perspectives and literature) led participants to ask a whole number of interesting questions that are worthwhile exploring in-depth at the inaugural CIIC Melbourne workshop at RMIT on 18 March 2017, which will be facilitated by Helen Palmer.



All CIIC participants are encouraged to submit interdisciplinary problem statements for further discussion with the CIIC community on the registration page for the full-day unconference workshop on 18 March 2017.


In addition to the questions generated at the CIIC-off in Melbourne, many of the challenges that have been submitted and discussed in depth at CIIC in Auckland over the last two years also warrant discussion in the context in Melbourne and Australia.

The scope of CIIC is intentionally focused on topics that defy categorisation and simplistic approaches to solution development. Participants are invited to bring along controversial perspectives to focus on challenges that go beyond the established framework of research in industry, government and academia.

Many thanks again to Arthur Shelley from KMLF for organising a fantastic CIIC-off!

If you have further questions and suggestions for the CIIC unconference series in Melbourne, please contact Helen Palmer from Questo.

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