CIIC Auckland 2015 12: Solving economic problems ≠ Solving financial problems


The third CIIC unconference explored the problem statement submitted by Stephen Marsland:

Is there a place for barter?

It seems likely that money, and hence financial systems, arose from bartering.  How did this happen, how did bartering arise in the first place, and what does it tell us about the modern world/what can we use it for?

barteringParticipants examined how modern communication and software technologies can assist in the process of facilitating economic exchange by way of constructing value cycles without incurring the trappings of highly financialised economics.

Here is a summary of the results.

Many thanks again to everyone who participated in and contributed to the CIIC discussions on 5 December 2015!

I hope we will soon meet again at the upcoming Meetup on 4 March 2016, and continue the work in progress towards collaborative solutions to wicked problems in New Zealand at CIIC on 5 March 2016. The next unconference will feature a keynote talk by Vlatka Hlupic on The Management Shift, which was selected by Forbes as one of the top eight business books in 2014.

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