CIIC Auckland 2015 09 : A draft set of universal values for evaluating interdisciplinary innovation

Buckland Beach Yacht Club

The second instalment of CIIC was great fun.

Alan Miles had done significant homework on the question “what is value?” between the first unconference and the one last Saturday. The discussion went quite deep, and an overview of the results has been documented.

Bucklands Beach Yacht Club as a venue turned out to be a great choice in terms of location, and also in terms of the quality of food available at the restaurant we had booked for lunch.

We have updated the schedule of upcoming events through to September 2016, allowing people to plan and register well in advance.

Many thanks again to everyone who participated in and contributed to the CIIC unconference on 26 September 2015!

I hope we will soon meet again at the upcoming Meetup on 4 December, and continue the work in progress towards collaborative solutions to wicked problems in New Zealand at the next the unconference on 5 December 2015.

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