Statistics on the state of innovation

The Australian Bureau of Some publishes some interesting numbers on innovation, many of which are unlikely to reflect unique Australian patterns.
statisticsKey observations:

  1. Lack of skills is the biggest barrier to innovation, and at the same time collaborative innovation and joint product development is rather uncommon. The numbers on the level of novelty are quite shocking.
  2. Cutting costs is one driver of innovation, but there are several more important drivers such as time to market, increasing market share, and establishing new markets.
  3. In businesses with more than 200 employees consultants are the largest external source of expertise related to innovation, and intellectual property protection is not a major concern. This could be an indication that organisations are increasingly receptive to the ideas of open science, open data, and open source software.
  4. Purchasing external technology is a major element of investments in innovation, alongside investments in training, R&D, design, and quality assurance.
  5. The benefits of innovation mirror the drivers for innovation, which is to be expected.

The statistics highlight a distinct absence of deep innovation, and the potential opportunities that open up in an environment that nurtures interdisciplinary collaboration across organisational boundaries.

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