Register now to help solve wicked problems

Register now to join us on 16 June 2015 at the University of Auckland Business School to tackle the following wicked problems:

1. Considering that Deming’s deadly diseases of management are alive and well, how do we need to redefine economic progress so that the core of the definition still makes sense to those who will live 200 years from now?

2. What opportunities are there for collaboration between companies in building understanding of how to make progress towards sustainable supply chains?

3. How do we engage people in self-care that is effective, and what are the tools that we can use to keep them engaged? With increasing numbers of people dealing with health issues that don’t go away, e.g. diabetes, we need to find innovative ways to help them keep as healthy and independent as possible.

4. How do we blend human interaction and discretion within increasingly automated business processes? On a regular basis, we hear of serious “business process” failures … failures in the process of issuing consents (Christchurch City Council) … in privacy (WINZ) … in health  … in justice … too many to list … and on a regular basis.

5. New Zealand’s contribution to a sustainable world. Many of our exports are associated with our clean green image. Yet our clean performance data shows we’re behind much of Europe, and falling behind. The demand for energy efficient living just isn’t there, especially in transport and housing. Rather than relying on policies, how can industries change this? 

6. What priorities are required for developing Embryonic Industries/SMEs, so that their potential can be advanced and their benefits can be realised within a small economic country like New Zealand? What needs to change to meet the increasing demands in a fast changing global market?

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